Bakery industry

The variety of products we offer* as well as our ability to adapt to our client’s production process -adjusting to the degree of humidity needed- allows them to be used for the different modalities existing in the bakery industry; bread, bread sticks (breadsticks), bread dough, sweets.

*Atalaya Agroalimentaria produces the following variants of dehydrated olives:

Olives in pieces
Olives in slices
Olives in halves
Olives powder

Snacks industry

Olives with a high degree of dehydration can be packaged as snack or added to salads.

You can also join in the mixes of nuts and give a different and original flavor point.

Meat & Dairy Industry

In the meat and dairy industry, the olives powder can be used as a cover of the sausages or cheeses. The pieces and slices olives can be used inside of the sausages or cheeses.

Precoocked industry

There are multiple recipes which olives are used in and thanks to our dehydrated product it is possible to add this ingredient easily to the industry of pre-made or precoocked products.

Do you want to know some of the many possibilities of recipes with olives? Do not miss our blog of recipes

Spices & Sauces industry

Both the olive powder and the pieces of olives can be used in the sauces and spices industries.

  • For the preparation of sauces such as olive carbonara, olives mayonnaise, etc.
  • As a spice of olives or in mixes of spices to flavor dishes.



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