Certificates of quality, food safety and environment

Atalaya is highly committed to the quality of our products, the food safety as well as the environment, as indicated by our certifications:

Certification ISO 14001: 2015  // More information about ISO 14001

IFS Food Safety Certification Versión 6.1 // More information about IFS

Atalaya Agoalimentaria, S.L. have record number of FDA for its exports in the United States. More information about FDA

Factory employees and senior management staff carry out regular courses on handling and food hygiene.


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The policy of quality, food safety, environment and prevention of occupational hazards of Atalaya Agroalimentaria is oriented to achieve customers satisfaction and employees. Comply with its commitments to the environment too.

The direction of Atalaya drives this policy, which assumes commitments to develop and implement it, update it regularly, and to require and monitor their implementation to demonstrate the continuous process improvement.

At the core of this policy is the promotion of continuous improvement, which is the basis for the definition of the objectives through the following 13 criteria:

  1. Carry out the transformed , packaging and marketing of products with DEMANDING QUALITY CLASS , which satisfy our customers and differentiate us from our competitors , with the permanent interest of moving towards continuous improvement of our processes.

  2. Continuously improve the speed and punctuality of our service, getting the most out of the skills, experience and training to hold our workers.
  3. Getting eliminating errors in the production process , developing an effective control process nonconformity , when aparezcan- that prevents its translation to the client.

  4. Compliance with legal requirements, regulatory and other customers subscribed.
  5. Adoption of necessary measures for the protection of the environment, establishing a commitment to the mitigation of climate change, preventing and reducing impacts to the environment as a result of own activities and those of suppliers. Establish a sustainable use of natural resources and promote their efficient use.
  6. Focus all production from a prism of food security , increasing technological progress and measures that appear on the market.
  7. Ensure health and safety at work for all employees , as well as environmental safety , raising awareness to our team by example and perseverance in maintaining good environmental condition of our facilities and collaborating with adequate waste management to meet the environment and contributing , as far as possible to environmental sustainability .

  8. Translating this awareness of measures taken to reduce environmental impacts also to suppliers and subcontractors.

  9. Upgrading and updating personal skills , and optimal adaptation to functions through a human resources management that enhances ethics , training and continuous assessment. Ensuring the necessary human resources , in quantity and quality , building on stable employment and stabilize jobs.

  10. Evaluation and selection of the best suppliers as their own members of the organization.

  11. Preventive approach in the development of internal audits of all key , strategic and support processes.

  12. Comprehensive measurement of customer satisfaction .

  13. The Direction of Atalaya assumes an obligation itself of its responsibilities, the commitment to exercise leadership in the implementation and application of behavior consistent with the integrated quality sistem, environment safety and prevention of occupational hazards of ATALAYA acting as a driver , guide and example with the obligation fulfillment.

This political of quality, food safety, environment and prevention of occupational hazards has of be known and applied by all the people of the company, for which will be reported of way full and effective. It will be developed through a system of documented and made available to all affected and interested parties.

Edition´s number – Ed. 7

Edition´s date – 19/01/2017